A Medieval Christmas Carol

(written about 2016)

A Nativity scene at night with an angel moon lighting the scene as Mary adores and Joseph sleeps: this painting in rich jewel tones resembles a more modern style despite its age (1423). This is fitting, because music is new but sounds medieval.

Gentile de Fabriano, Nativity, 1423, Wikipedia Commons

 Angels sing on Christmas morn
When Christ our Savior comes to be born.
The angels bow in awe before Him 
Who comes to take away our sins.

And Mary His mother ponders it all
To see David’s heir born in a stall. 
She knows her Son has a high destiny, 
But what that might mean she has yet to see.

The Babe so tender in His mother’s arms
Rests peacefully now, safe from all harms.
His Father stands in guard over Him 
Who comes to take away our sins.

Sweet Mary rejoice at your Son’s birth
The Lord of all come down to earth.
For all is made new by your assent, 
Creation renews its great Amen.

Oh Living Splendor of God Most High,
How is it that You come to die?
Tis love outpoured upon the earth
That brings our Savior to His birth.

And we for our part do give thanks
Along with the angels’ heavenly ranks.
The Immortal Wise God asleep on the hay
To bring salvation to us today.


Comes a King

originally written in 2017

What star is this, shines clear and bright?
Why come these shepherds in dark of night?
From stable there shines a heavenly light—
My heart it trembles at such a sight. 
A glorious King has come here to be born,
A wonder of wonders on this Christmas morn.
The baby lies in a manger bare
Joseph and Mary attend him there
The shepherds kneel in wonder and awe 
The infant King born in a stall
Come to take away our sin,
Born that we might be born again
His star in the east the prophets foretold
And wise men bringing wealth untold--  
Frankincense a priest’s offering,
Myrrh for burial, gold for a king.
This King a priest born to suffer and die
Then rise again, glorified.
The only wise God asleep on the hay
Is Wonder Counselor born this day
Mighty God become helpless for all 
This paradox brings a sense of awe.
Prince of Peace, born to end all strife,
He conquers death and brings new life.
Who could have foretold such a wondrous thing
What once was hidden from prophets and kings?
That God would take on a human form
And be born among us on Christmas morn,
Because he took flesh he knows the ways
That sin and grief attend our days.
His sacrifice took away our sin.
Restoring the gift of His life within. 
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.